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The team at Audit Armor possesses the knowledge, experience and certifications required to help small business owners like you grow your income and spend strategically. We assist in optimizing your tax situation to make sure you save money without increasing your audit risk. We can even help you buy a home and build wealth with real estate rentals.


Jonathan Maki, MBA, Enrolled Agent

Jonathan Maki, MBA, Enrolled Agent



Before earning his MBA at the University of Notre Dame, Jonathan served our country driving tanks in the United States Army. Upon graduation, Jonathan began his career at the CPA firm The Bear Financial Group in Oahu, Hawaii. While there, he developed his passion for helping small business owners organize their financial affairs and navigate the complicated US tax system. A lifetime surfer, Jonathan also met his future wife, Ayami, in the crystal blue waters of Hawaii.

Back on the Mainland, Jonathan expanded his expertise by helping his clients plan, prepare, and qualify to buy and/or rent real estate properties.Recognizing that real estate can be an integral piece in his clients’ financial health, he has developed a niche department helping real estate agents and brokers with not only their personal tax situations, but also with their “self-employed” clients who find qualifying for loans exceptionally difficult.

Ayami Maki, PhD

Ayami Maki, PhD



Ayami grew up in Tokyo, Japan where she received her Master’s Degree at the University of Tokyo. As a top student she was awarded the prestigious Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship allowing her to study and complete her Ph D at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Before moving to California with her husband, Jonathan, Ayami did important scientific work as a Biofuel Agronomist.

When the couple’s two children were born, Ayami chose to pause her career to focus on motherhood full-time. When the children began school, Ayami was eager to bring her skills and experience back to the workforce as an entrepreneur with her husband.

With this career pivot, Ayami has learned the ups and downs of a small business owner’s life. She has immersed herself in the couple’s mission to provide excellent advice and customer service to their Audit Armor clients.

Our mission

We strive to reduce your fears and anxieties around the IRS and state taxes. We want to educate and empower small business owners like you so you have peace of mind around tax matters.

What We Offer



We’ll answer common audit questions and provide you with simple-to implement strategies to avoid being caught off guard by an audit.


    AUDIT ARMOR Tax Services

    Don't want to go it alone? Audit Armor's team of professionals can help you do it yourself, provide attentive oversight, or even take care of it all for you!



    We'll start with a time, finance, and tax audit to identify opportunities, so you can finally build your dream business!

    Small Business Owner Must-Have!

    “I wish I had this years ago!!! When I was an accounting consultant for small businesses, they would often have business practices that would make an audit either highly possible, or incredibly painful in a financial and time-consuming way. Audit Armor does an amazing job of giving small businesses a primer in best practices that gives perspective in possible red flags, as well as how to prepare and take the fear out of a possible audit. Definitely a must-have for any small business owner!”

    -D. LeCompte

    Thankfully Written in Simple Language

    “I’m a creative and run a small business. I tend to avoid the financial parts, even though I know it’s critical in having a successful business. Jonathan has a way of communicating taxes and small business finances to someone like me in a way that is simple to understand. I appreciate his straightforward tactics and language. I highly recommend this book to anyone who, like me, wants to spend more time being creative and less time thinking (worrying) about the IRS.”

    -Rumi R

    Perfect Resource Manual for Small Business Owners

    “This book is everything small business owners need to know without going overboard. Starting with providing a really nice background on setting up your books and ending with what to expect in an IRS audit. In between is just the right amount of information on each topic, including how to set yourself up for success so that if and when an audit comes your way, you are already prepared.”

    – Bob

    Clear & Concise – Easy to Learn the Basics

    “Good thing I read this book! Truthfully, I didn’t know much about audits beforehand. I actually knew so little I almost hesitated to pick up this book, but I’m really glad I did. Jonathan provided clear actionable advice that demonstrates what this process looks like and how to be prepared- (it’s not as hard as I thought!)” – Liz M