Protect Your Growing Business from the IRS

Scared of IRS Audits?

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This quick 45-minute read or listen has everything you need to know about business audits.

Your Questions Answered

We’ll answer common audit questions, and uncover many more easy-to-implement strategies along the way, so you won’t be caught off guard.

“What’s involved in an audit?”

Audits come in all different shapes and sizes. Audit Armor will explain the different types of IRS audits and the crucial steps you can take to help you avoid them.

“What triggers an audit?”

Truth is, there are certain red flags to the IRS that can trigger an audit. Learn what you can do right now to help you plan effectively and minimize your risk.

“What do I do if I get audited?”

Did you know that there is a Taxpayer Bill of Rights? Yes, you have rights! Audit Armor will explain them and help you uncover the leading ways to respond to and work through any IRS Audit.

“when do I call in support?”

You may decide you need an expert to help guide you throughout the audit process. Audit Armor shares professional insight on what to look for and what to avoid when hiring a qualified audit professional.

FACT: Well over 150,000 small business owners just like us will get audited this year.

Don’t be left unprepared!


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An Actual audit letter

Receive a 10-page PDF from an actual audit, so you can see exactly what a letter may look like and what you may be expected to do.

    Audit Armor Checklist

    Get an easy-to-follow 7-step guide that you can begin implementing today to help you protect your growing business.

    Depository Analysis Worksheet

    Use our exclusive Excel spreadsheet to effortlessly complete your own business analysis, which
    is explained in the book.

    Small Business Owner Must-Have!

    “I wish I had this years ago!!! When I was an accounting consultant for small businesses, they would often have business practices that would make an audit either highly possible, or incredibly painful in a financial and time-consuming way. Audit Armor does an amazing job of giving small businesses a primer in best practices that gives perspective in possible red flags, as well as how to prepare and take the fear out of a possible audit. Definitely a must-have for any small business owner!”

    -D. LeCompte

    Thankfully Written in Simple Language

    “I’m a creative and run a small business. I tend to avoid the financial parts, even though I know it’s critical in having a successful business. Jonathan has a way of communicating taxes and small business finances to someone like me in a way that is simple to understand. I appreciate his straightforward tactics and language. I highly recommend this book to anyone who, like me, wants to spend more time being creative and less time thinking (worrying) about the IRS.”

    -Rumi R

    Perfect Resource Manual for Small Business Owners

    “This book is everything small business owners need to know without going overboard. Starting with providing a really nice background on setting up your books and ending with what to expect in an IRS audit. In between is just the right amount of information on each topic, including how to set yourself up for success so that if and when an audit comes your way, you are already prepared.”

    – Bob

    Clear & Concise – Easy to Learn the Basics

    “Good thing I read this book! Truthfully, I didn’t know much about audits beforehand. I actually knew so little I almost hesitated to pick up this book, but I’m really glad I did. Jonathan provided clear actionable advice that demonstrates what this process looks like and how to be prepared- (it’s not as hard as I thought!)”

    – Liz M

    Is this book right for you?

    This book is for the underdog, the ultra-small business owner that wakes up each morning to serve fellow citizens, in spite of a thousand fears. Fear of price wars that undercut your value. Fear of bills and not getting paid. Fear you won’t be able to provide for your family. Fear that stress will cause your health to fail. Fear you won’t make it and will fail again.

    May you never again feel that you’re “less than” or small. May you never again feel that you’re on the outside looking in. May you never again feel you’re on an unlevel playing field. Keep up the good fight. You are my champion. Rise up and roar!

    Why audit armor?

    If you’re interested in growing a successful business and protecting it from aggravating IRS audits, then you’re in the right place. Read our basic training manual, roll up your sleeves, and put Audit Armor into practice in your growing business!

    Protect Your Growing Business from the IRS