Audit Armor Assessment

Keep more of the money you earned and stop worrying about IRS audits.

Are you at risk for losing deductions if audited by the IRS? If you file as a Schedule C, the answer is YES! Protect your assets with an Audit Armor Assessment.

THE Only thing you have to lose is your worries about the IRS


Saved by us


Saved by us


Saved by us

ARE YOU A Schedule C Filer?

You could be losing out on strategic tax strategies, which literally cost you thousands of dollars each year!

“HOW MUCH are we talking I could save?”

Often times it’s 10’s of thousands of dollars in savings! We’re talking REAL money that your business or family could keep.


Simply upload your latest tax returns through our private portal. Our experts will assess your 1040 along with your Schedule C.

“WHAT WILL I Receive?”

We’ll provide you a report of what you’re likely to lose in an audit, along with tax strategies you’re missing out on.

“IS IT WORTH THE COST of the assessment?”

We charge $525 for the assessment but also GUARANTEE to find at least $525 of improvements, often times it’s many times more than that! Try it risk-free!

Don’t lose any more sleep over taxes!

Get the Audit Armor Assessment today!