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Resolve old tax problems, plan for less taxes and stay on top of things.

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With over 200 years of combined IRS experience, our team can handle any IRS issue.

The Book

Protect Your Growing Business from the IRS

Scared of IRS Audits?

Not anymore!

This quick 45-minute read or listen has everything you need to know about business audits.

Tax Services

With over 200 years of combined IRS experience, our team of seasoned experts will help you every step of the way.

Whether you need to resolve an old problem, reduce taxes through tailored planning, or to keep your business in good standing, Audit Armor can help!

Audit Armor Academy

The insight you need to help protect your growing business from the IRS

Audit Armor has developed a series of easy-to-follow online courses to help small business owners everywhere. You don’t need to be an accountant or a tax professional to follow along! We give you simple tips, tricks, and tools that we’ve uncovered throughout our many years of experience to help you grow and protect your small business.


Solopreneur? Mom and Pop Shop? You’re in the right place!

Don’t let the IRS turn your dream business into a nightmare.

You are not alone. Audit Armor was designed to give small business owners freedom from the worry of the IRS.



your growing small business






Learn to Avoid, Plan, Work Through, and Beat an IRS Audit

Audit Armor teaches you valuable tips and techniques that can help you avoid an IRS audit. You’ll learn how to save precious time and keep more of your hard-earned money, not to mention avoiding the endless frustration that comes with an audit!

Discover which solutions are the right fit for your business.

Focus on your success, not the IRS.

As small business owners ourselves, we understand the many reasons you started a business… to provide for your family, to make an impact, to be an asset to society, and ultimately, to do what you enjoy! You didn’t get into business to become a tax law expert. Let Audit Armor take the worry of tax intricacies off your shoulders, so you can focus on your success, not the IRS!

it’s not your fault, really!

It may hard to believe at times, but you’re not alone and it’s not your fault! Tax law is complicated, it takes tax professionals many years to understand and comprehend the complexity. Don’t get mad or frustrated, get help! Audit Armor’s team of professionals are here to help your small business along the way.

You don’t need to go at it alone.

Audit Armor can help.

The IRS is targeting even More Small Businesses.

The rumors are true! The IRS is sending more and more computer generated forms to small likesses like yours. Can you believe in 2019 alone, the IRS sent out 11 million letters! Remember, just because you got a letter doesn’t mean you did something wrong! Let Audit Armor protect your small business now to help you avoid the stress of an IRS audit.

It won’t go away on it’s own… ever!

“Ignore them and they’ll go away.” That may be the advice your buddy down the street gives you, but it’s simply not true! The IRS will NOT go away on its own! Keep in mind, however, the IRS only wants what’s due to them. With Audit Armor, your small business will adopt practices to keep you organized and prepared for whatever the IRS sends your way.

See how Audit Armor can help you protect your business.




We’ll answer common audit questions and provide you with simple-to implement strategies to avoid being caught off guard by an audit.


    AUDIT ARMOR Tax Services

    Don't want to go it alone? Audit Armor's team of professionals can help you do it yourself, provide attentive oversight, or even take care of it all for you!



    We'll start with a time, finance, and tax audit to identify opportunities, so you can finally build your dream business!